The Hapihippoo brand is a line of premium clothing designed for the children of today. They are more aware of the world around them and will experience it at a pace far exceeding that of previous generations. The clothing they wear is meant to reflect the modern outlook and changes that happen around them. The brand essentially combines the modern hip look of the present generation with the childhood need for safety, simplicity and fun.

Hapihippoo is a brand that owes its existence to the need for kids to be happy. As the world opens up to them, they are discovering the use of their senses through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Colours, patterns and the touch of fabric is a new experience for them, giving them endless hours of curious amusement. As the child learns to understand the world around him or her, the touch of clothing is the first unique touch they are likely to feel against their bodies, making them aware of their surroundings. Like any first experience for a child, this needs to be gentle, yet engaging and fun-loving, so that children enjoy being clothed.

Knowing all of these, Hapihippoo brings to you a range of premium kids wear for casual and party occasions for girls that reflects both the promise of the world around them as well as the growth of their personal identities. Stylish and yet fun-loving, the Hapihippoo brand embodies the universe of children’s dreams and aspirations. Colours and patterns designed on soft wearable fabrics that do not harm the delicate skin of children, the brand’s range of products are centred on the way kids express themselves as they grow older.